Sunday, September 6, 2015

Fun with copic markers

In my daily doodling/sketching practice, I've stumbled upon the lovely combination of copic markers with gray toned paper. The paper is heavy enough to handle a good amount of marker so I can shove color around. I love the water color textures!

At first I was simply playing with gray scale, trying to understand how to blend and shade.

I can resist through a little white colored pencil onto to make certain features pop, and before I knew it the kitty was in color.

 The background was generated on the back of the page, so all of the color you see is bleed through.

Liking how the markers bleed through the page, I tried and experiment with this purple cat. All of his color is applied on the back of the page, using a blending marker to move and blend colors. Fun! Then, on the front of the page, I added black lines to complete the image.

This is so much fun, I want to see how far I can push this :)

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