Monday, November 3, 2014

October things.

October has been a good month. I decided to remove some of the "rules" I had been implementing to force myself into a schedule of "creating more." I've been.... stagnant, frustrated, blocked. Oodles of excuses. Rules put more stress on me. Deadlines shut me down. I needed something simpler.

October was spent learning to trust my inner instincts, and find pleasure in creation again.. Play is ever so important to the imaginative mind!

A potential t-shirt design for LuckyDoom.

Busted out a series of screen prints on night at a LuckyDoom art nite. Hoping to release them soon!

 Oliver finally got a hair-cut. His hair was so long our neighbors thought we got a new dog!

I scared a bunch of children during a haunt.

Clay doodling.

Played dress up on Halloween!

Can't go wrong with October! Always a pleasant month full of cool temperatures, beautiful fall colors, and Halloween spirit!

Now, on to the month of my birth, November!

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  1. Ah a fun and creative month it seems!! I find my creativety strained at times too!!