Monday, June 30, 2014

Slackers slackin'


It's been a while! I feel like I haven't had anything worth updating about, so I've kept quiet. A good blog doesn't stay quiet however, does it?

I'm trying to instill some new. positive changes for the creative side of my life, but I always feel like it is never enough. I have this ideal stuck in my head that I feel like I won't ever achieve, so I don't try very hard. It's not a very good way to look at your aspirations, already defeated before even giving it a real shot... Yet, it's my daily struggle. A struggle I'be been familiar with for years. I will try to not bring it up often, hahaha, because it's a depressing, defeatist way to talk about my art. But it's there. If you're an artist who just can't seem to get things going, let me tell you, I know how you feel. Baby steps my friend! And there's a lot of truth to that phrase, "Don't ever give up."

That said, I will be checking in more often, lovely blog readers. I have a fairly impressive to-do-list of projects I need to really focus on, so you will see updates about those first! Along with the mini-project and doodles and warm-ups. I also bought a fun book I'd like to do exercises from and report about here.

I hope everyone continues to have a fun and playful summer,

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