Sunday, March 30, 2014

NCECA 2014, living in a Material World!

This post is about my trip to the 48th annual NCECA conference. The 2014 theme for Milwaukee, WI, was Material World. Madonna's "Material Girl" was stuck in my head all weekend. I'm petrified of flying, but the promise of good beer, amazing friends and an art infusion was an offer I could not run away from.

I have a terrible fear of flying in air planes. This was my second time flying in a plane, and the first time I flew alone. The soul crushing anxiety was completely worth this view.

Ayumie Horie was one of the demonstrating artists. Demo artists have 3 hour panels run through out the conference to demonstrate their creative processes. These panels are neat because it's free flowing, and doesn't feel like a lecture. The audience can walk up to microphones and ask the artists' anything they want.

Ayumie Horie's work is really cute. Please check out Ayumi's Instagram, she takes the most delightful photos of her work and the world around her.

The next chunk of photographs are pieces of work I saw. Unfortunately, I wasn't in Milwaukee long enough to see everything I wanted to see, but this is a sampling of the work I did see that I liked for one reason or another. 

Matthew Dercole

Renee Brown

Amanda Salov

Stephanie Schwartz

I could not find a name tag for this piece.

Kathryn A. Miller

Angela Beiderman

Brad EvanTaylor

After taking off and landing 4 times in 3 days, I think it's fair to say my fear of flying has diminished. I'm ready to book my next trip, wherever it may be. NCECA 2015 is in Providence, RI next year, so I hope I'll road-tripping up with some friends! The theme is Lively Experiments, which I feel like is a great way to look at this upcoming year. Explore, play, examine, and persist. 

 This year, Lively Experiments with be my reminder and mantra in the studio.

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