Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Welcome to December.

I feel like I've grown a lot as a person this year. Back in January I was still an undergraduate art student struggling to make it through school and now I have a BFA and a full time job as a veterinary technician at the vet clinic I've been with for 9+ years.

Now in full-time big girl land, finding a work/play/art balance has been an interesting game. Some things are easy because they're set times; I work 5 days a week, I go to CCA at least once a week, LuckyDoom meets and works at least once a week.... and in between all of this I try to eat, sleep, take care of my myself, my pets, and spend time with my boyfriend, family and friends. It's tough, but I do love staying busy. I spent a lot of my younger years bored in front of a television feeling sorry for myself, so I like the schedule, I like having things to do. My only trouble at this time is finding space for personal art making. Since there's no allotted time slot for it and no one to be accountable to but myself, it's been "on the to-do list" for quite some time. While I'm not crazy about this, I'm allowing myself to ease into it.

I've learned from years of repeated failure that I can't force myself to do anything I really don't want to. And I resist anything which feels forced. So I allow art making, like anything else, to ease into my life and hopefully take grasp somewhere in my week. I do recognize the need to wiggle in some more space for this new habit to grow. It will come, I know it will because I haven't given up faith in it. Art is constantly on my mind.

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