Monday, January 28, 2013


It's been a while, hasn't it? Happy 2013! It should be a good year, there's no reason it shouldn't.

I've been involved in all sorts of projects as of late, some are school related, some outside of school, all very very exciting, frightening, and awesome.

LuckyDoom Studios is working on the decorations for Wicked Faire's Time Traveler's Resort and Museum, the alternate track hotel full of time and whimsy. In addition, we're returning for our third Goblin Market, an immersible event that can only be experienced with the purchase of a special ticket.

In other news, the Spring semester booted up last week, and I'm trying desperately to ignore the waves of panic wafting around important matters such as my senior thesis show and graduating. I'm fairly certain everything will work out as it needs to, so I'm trying to not get to carried away with thinking about it too much. I'm planning on going to NCECA again this March, I'm very excited for the opportunity to visit Houston, Texas, and get to see all of the amazing ceramic work that's come out in the last year.

I also need to start looking forward towards beyond graduation. There will be many applications to complete in the next few months. Applications are my kryptonite,  I only hope to muster up enough strength to complete all of them this time.

Well, I sound optimistic....

Here's some Kid President to everyone feel better :)

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