Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Crazy December!

Woof... I'm working on a very spotty internet connection at my apartment. Let's see if I can finish this post!

Last month, I set a goal to improve in areas of academics  being creative, and something-something-healthy. I haven't been doing very well, I have a tough time staying focused on my goals. Maybe that's why Leo Babauta says you should only try to change one habit at a time... whoops. The creativity has improved with a new project I started on my birthday (I turned 25!), which I will eventually talk about here, when I'm less catch up crazed. I have some cool stuff to share with you soon, again, once I feel like I have some breathing room.

I figured, at the very least, to share some of my recent work in ceramics...

The rabbit has been completed and bisque fired, now she awaits decoration whilst hanging out with Chadwick the budgie and Mama Cat.

Frog Wearing A Bunny Suit is a sculpture I completed last weekend based on my drawings of the character I developed in August. He's sitting in the damp room waiting to be fired. He's so patient.

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