Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rabbit sculpture progress

Been working on her for a few weeks now, I want her to be finished so I can move on to other projects, but I don't want her rushed either. I'm not crazy with the arms, but to work for the piece they need to be that length.... maybe her torso needs to be lengthened, I'm not sure.


  1. Hi buddie. She is too cute.
    Maybe you could shave the arms down making them more narrow showing more of the torso. That may balance out.
    I cant wait to see this in person.
    Good job Sarah.

  2. WoW thats good work.
    The arms cold be a bit thiner but they are fine for the most part.
    I use to work with clay back in art class but never made anything that good.
    I was more into the glazing part, glazing is just soo much fun.