Monday, November 5, 2012

Oct Re-cap/Nov Intentions

Hello lovely people!

As of last night my home is still running off of a generator, but besides the power being out, Sandy didn't reek to much havok on my family. Sure did a heck of a number on my town, though. It's amazing to witness the amount of downed trees and damage this super storm caused.

I haven't set many goals for myself lately, as I find it easier to avoid my problems if I don't pay attention to them. I'm relapsing some old habits again, which is increasingly starting to affect my day-to-day. Gotta knock that shit off, procrastination is no good! I only have a year of school left, might as well leave with some dignity (and on time!).

October was a fun month! The highlight of the month was volunteering with LuckyDoom Studios in Dunellen, NJ's first ever Haunted Trail, which raised $5,000 to help restore a historical house in the town. It was loads of fun scaring children!

November is my birthday month, and I will be turning 25 by the end of it. This time last year I went on a detox diet of strictly whole foods and lost 7lbs before my birthday. The changes didn't last, and I'd like to establish routines that are a little more durable. Right now I'm focusing on improving my habits in three areas; academics, creativity and movement. My goal is to feel some sense of "back on track." Maybe by the end of the year, I will be.

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