Sunday, August 5, 2012

Shanks the Budgie

Shanks a budgie (budgerigar parakeet) I had back in high school, and probably my first real pet (outside the gerbils I had as a child) and lesson in responsibility. Shanks was a pet store purchase, way back when I was new to pet care, whom I managed to hand-tame as a young adult. She was one of the silliest, sweetest little birds I ever had the pleasure of taking care of. Unfortunately she passed away a few years ago due to illness. Her companion, Kiwi, is still with me, in addition to a stray I took in and named Pickles.

Here is the legacy of my little green chicken:

She loved to rush out of the cage and onto your finger... and up your arm.

She was up to all sorts of adorable shenanigans, like running up and down perches.

She enjoyed dancing in the spray of my showers.

She took to new friends almost immediately :)

And she always returned your call (or played whistle games)

You will always be fondly remembered, Shanks. Thank you for all you have taught me.

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