Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pink Hair Guide: Splat

This is my review and recommendation for Splat Fetish Pink Hair Dye.

Let me start by saying I've been a long time loyal customer of Manic Panic hair dye products. I've been using MP almost exclusively since the beginning of my hair dye journey, which was about 11 years ago. In my recent stint of pink hair, which is about 7 months in, I've explored a handful (but not all) of pink hair dyes to discover which one I'd like to commit to long term. My favorite pink stand-by has been Manic Panic's Pretty Flamingo, although I also discovered a love for the deep, long-lasting pink of Hot Hot Pink. I hate Cotton Candy Pink, I am convinced it is a color that only works well if you've bleached your hair absolutely pure white, which is hard to do and you're just asking for your hair to break all the time. It is important to me to at least have hair that is manageable... over-bleaching in the past has resulted in a hair brush getting so entangled that I just cut all of my hair off.

 After having a failed session of Cotton Candy Pink only days before I was to leave on a big trip (SEATTLE!!!), I took my friend's recommendation to try a readily available hair dye product that you can purchase at any old CVS or Walgreens. Splat. I tried it, and I have to say, I'm impressed with this stuff! Why is Splat the perfect hair dye for long term pink heads? Well, for one, it's a value thing, and I'll explain why.

Clean up tip: Put down paper towels first!

Splat really is long lasting, somewhat longer than it's hair color cousins. Splat's not quite the same deal as Manic Panic or SpecialFX.... it doesn't just stain your hair a different color and then fade out.... it INTEGRATES.  For example, if you dyed your hair lime green, and decided it wasn't for you, you could buy regular old boxed hair dye, throw it on top of the greened hair, and the dye would pull the green out of your hair before replacing it with the new color. I tried this once when I was dying my hair with Splat's pink and Manic Panic's turquoise. The box of blonde dye pulled the blue out of my hair completely, but the pink hung on for dear life in a odd vintage rose hue. It actually looked really cool and I wore it for a Steampunk convention, but one thing was sure, that pink sticks! Parents, if your kid is begging you to dye their head some nifty color, Splat may be stronger than what you would desire.

Another example of Splat's durability is seen in how it stains the skin. When it gets on your skin, it will not wash off in a couple of hours. In some areas, it will take days, even on your face and hairline. If it gets directly on your scalp, it will leave very dark stains that last about a week until it flakes off. Kinda gross. I hate petroleum based products but in this case, Petroleum Jelly is your best friend. Use it, lot's of it. I pretty much slather it on any surface above the collar of my shirt.

This is what a hole in the glove looks like. After a few days the color begins to crack and flake off.

I love that for the same price as other hair dyes, Splat always comes with a small bleach kit. When bleaching your hair for the first time, this will not be enough, but for touching up your roots every few months, it's perfect. It's an economic choice in pink hair dyes for the long term pink head. I have a stockpile of extra bleach because I only need one bottle of bleach for roots, but need two bottles of dye to cover my head.

 For the ladies and gents who like to achieve lighter or pastel colors by diluting the dye with conditioner, this dye is not for you. It does not mix well with conditioner and the dye appears to curdle. You can throw it on your head but you will be disappointed by the uneven coloring and rapid fading. Same goes with trying to dye your head while your hair is still wet. Stick with Manic Panic and similar dyes when trying to go lighter hues.

FUN FACT: Ever wonder who the male pink haired model on the box is? He's a real pink haired dude! His name is John Halcyon Styn, a joy coach an internet celebrity whom runs HugNation. He shares with the world not only his life, but his passion for happiness and love. He's a really cool person to get to know, and he even has his own TED Talk!

So, as I sit here and type this, finger tips stained with pink and a plastic shopping bag wrapped around my hair, I just want to say that I highly recommend the Splat brand for pink heads. It is a pink hair dye that will stay bright and last longer than most other pink dyes I've dealt with.

 If you wanna check the dye out, and you'd like to support this blog at the same time, you can buy it by clicking on the picture below and buying it through, and I'll get a cut through their affiliate program. Of course, you don't need to do that because you can just as easily pick it up at many common drug stores and save on shipping. And check for sales, they're almost $3 off at Walgreens right now. Enjoy :D

August 28th Update! This is what my hair looks like after about 5 weeks:

Still very pink, although now a soft, cotton candy like pink.... my fave! Since you can't see some of the unsatisfactory aspects, hair near my roots with less bleach damage still retain a darker pink. This is probably one of my favorite aspects of Splat, you don't need to be devastatingly bleached out to have vibrant pinks. Areas with the most bleach damage, such as near the tips, are fading hard however. There is a chunk of bleach-damaged hair underneath (which used to be blue) that has been faded back to straight blonde. Consistent bleaching will get you consistent coverage results! Varied bleaching gives you nifty highlights! I'd also like to note that I don't always wash my hair every day, which helps the color last this long. And if you're wondering.... This is a before and after pic of what a week at the beach will do to your light pink hair. Sun and salt are not your friends, pink lovers.


  1. I really Like the shade it is after the couple of weeks passed - i have splat pink hair on my bottom layer and black on top with the splat and didnt bleach that part - i wanted originally pastel pink- so im hoping it will fade quicker than normal lol any ideas to make it fade faster to the pastel shades.

    1. It seems like the more often you wash your hair, the quicker it fades. If you don't wash your hair daily, that would be the first thing I'd do. I've heard of using Dawn dish soap to get dyes to fade out of hair quickly but I don't have any personal experience with this... if you do try that route, make sure to condition! Good luck!

  2. I don't use shampoo, but just conditioner. Do you know how that will effect the duration of the dye?

    I have naturally very dark brown hair with some streaks of white. I didn't bother to bleach it, so assume it will look purplish just in the sun, except on the white parts which will be purple.

    1. Hey Mimi,

      Chances are your hair color will last a lot longer since you're just using conditioner, and conditioner is very gentle in the cleansing department. If you want, you could by a product like Manic Panic or Special FX in a similar color to the Splat, add it to your conditioner, and every time you shower your hair will also get a color boost.