Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Feel Good Packet: #1

Introducing the Feel Good Packets! Build up your momentum, burst through hump day with enthusiasm and finish your week how you intended it! The content in these posts are meant to inspire and re-calibrate!

Isn't this just amazing!!?!

View from the ISS at Night from Knate Myers on Vimeo.
Let me share with you, the Raise Your Vibrations Club!!! A place on FaceBook described as "dedicated to supporting each other and ourselves as we ignore negativity and focus on positivity and happiness through gratitude and positive actions." Taking a moment each day to appreciate what you have in your life is a grounding tool. 

A motivational kick in the pants.... Eventually, you have to stop blaming your parents.
Tuesdays are wonderful, don't forget to check out Jessica Mullen's Tuesday Tips and the weekly HugNation broadcast :D

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