Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer of learning! Post of inspiration!

This is the summer of learning new skills, I decided! My schedule is weird, I'm leaving it rather open for being on call for my job, and taking summer classes, and just general summer fun. In those gaps of time where I have nothing to do, I've decided to try some new stuff!

Some of the new things I'm learning this summer!

Contact juggling! This guy is really good, I only hope to be even a third as awesome as him one day.... PRACTICE!

This 12-year-old girl rockin' fire poi! I won't be lighting mine on fire any time soon but it sure is fun to practice. My friend Anthony is showing me some things, but I'm also learning a lot off the internet. I'm really grateful for the people who take the time to make tutorials on YouTube. While I LOVE taking classes, I can't always afford to pay for all the different classes I'd like to take, hehe.

There is one class I'm thinking of signing up for, which is Aerials over at the Circus Place. Friends of friends' run the place, and it's really cool to have a circus school so close to home. Aerials looks awesome and impossible and I want to fly!!!

I'm still taking belly dance classes with my friend Madison :D

I'm also on a venture to learn two new musical instruments, the trumpet and the tenor sax. I've wanted to learn trumpet since I was in the 3rd grade but I can't get the mouth piece to work well, so I need to practice... my brother is a trumpet player and my friend Little Bull is a trumpet player and both have offered me lessons.... and my brother and I are plotting to learn tenor sax from one of his friends. I'm excited :D

Yay new things! I like finding videos of young girls doing awesome things because it means there's no reason I can't learn them either. You can do anything if you practice!

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  1. Thank you for sharing these videos!!!!! I love the contact juggling one so much!!! I LOVE FLOW TOYS AND I LOVE FEELING INSPIRED TO PLAY! :D