Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Terribly Over-due, Time Travelling Steampunk World's Fair Post

Hey everyone! This is my super over-due, time travelling post about the Steampunk World's Fair! The date seems right, eh?... well, I'm actually writing this up July 31st 2012.... and posting it in the PAAAAST! TIME TRAVEL! 

The Goblin Market is a theatrical immersion experience where you pay a little extra to meet mystics, goblins and more! Buy a cure for your heart ache, or sell your soul, it's up to you! LuckyDoom Studios was represented by Humbubba and Cupcake the clowns, who did their best to sell their charms and adopt out their pet Fiji mermaid. We even got to present a commercial onstage for our zombie heads!

The Absinthe Tasting was delightful! All of the pretty green fairies took care of their customers, feeding them various samplings of mead and absinthe. The bread was delicious! The first seating was treated with brand new, never before heard Voltaire songs! How neat! We were such a pretty bunch :)

Photo: Knightmare6

Out on the Might Midway, The Reverend Voice presented various performers onto his stage to entertain.

Johnny Bentonamo surprised and amazed and disgusted many with his stupendous songs.

Some of my cohorts, and aren't they just adorable?

The World's Worst Scientist. Ever. Period.

The Fair was bustling with people and activity mid-Saturday.

That evening on the Midway, there were belly dancers, circus acts, blockheads an fire manipulators!

The World's Worst Scientist showed off the dangers of his tesla coil. He set a patron's hat on fire! Seriously, this is why he's the World's Worst Scientist. Ask him for no favors.

Just the worst.....

There was an epic parking lot party late Saturday night. It was a beautiful merging of two separate entities, imagine a rag tag marching band, followed by a sea of dancers, lead by Jesus down a parking lot only to run into more musicians, fire performers and dancers.  What happened out there in that parking lot that night was no short of magic. And I'm not kidding about the Jesus part.

Sunday we rose from our hangovers, checked out of our hotel rooms and the final day of the Steampunk World Fair commenced. Behold, a facial hair contest!

And after a long and wonderful weekend, the lovely folks of LuckyDoom & Friends cleaned up the hand-made decorations they crafted for the weekend..... and had a little fun with them.

There you have it, some stories and pictures from the third Steampunk World's Fair. Being under new management, some of us were nervous about the transition and how the con would hold up to previous years.... It was amazing, the best year yet. I eagerly wait for planning next year's festivities!

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