Thursday, May 3, 2012

I am so sorry!

Please forgive me for neglecting you, dear sweet blog! I have such a terrible time handling stress, and I've been weird.... I almost started seeing a Tumblr account.... SHOCK! I'm so sorry. Don't worry though, there are lot's of exciting things to talk about soon.... my amazing new budgie sculpture! And my work with the Steampunk World's Fair! Oh, and an anime convention in June! And all the wonderful amazing possibilities that are opened up with a summer, I can't wait! There will be so much to share! The remaining hours of school are coming to an end as I wrap up final assignments... then my parents are coming down to help me move all of my belongings back to Central Jersey where they belong. AND THEN! CLEANING & ORGANIZING AND DONATING AND GARAGE SALES! An lot's of great work must be done for the Midway! And I get to play with cats and dogs on the weekend that don't belong to me! Summerland is almost here! I am bursting with excitement! MIND, BODY & SPIRIT are the focus for this summer. I CAN'WAIT TO GET STARTED!!!!!!!! <3<3<3 Love you, Lifestream!

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