Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wow, it started without me! Imagination Experiment Round 3, Day 1

I can't believe I almost forgot, today is March 1st! This means it's time for my third annual Imagination Experiment! Every March I go on an internet and television sabbatical in hopes of increasing my creative endeavors & reducing distractions. I'm a very distracted person!

My internet use is exceptionally bad, with 95 hours in February, 77 hours in January, and 122 hours in December! Yikes! And that's just the internet usage for my personal laptop! Even though it averages out to a little over 3 hours a day, I know that some nights I can be on the computer for at least 6 hours straight. I lose huge blocks of time to mindless internet browsing, usually procrastinating homework.

The Rules
1) No internet.
exceptions: purposeful research for homework, to check my personal and school e-mail (all subscriptions will be turned off), to update my blogs/etsy.
2) No television.
exceptions: if I'm with friends who choose to watch TV, which is rare
3) Create something every day. Take a picture of progress every day.
exceptions: none.

You may wonder why I have exceptions, some of them are obvious, I need internet to do a portion of my school work. I didn't blog last year as a suggestion from my boyfriend, but as a result you guys didn't get to follow my exciting journey. i'm allowing it again this year. The TV thing is a politeness factor so I'm not intruding on friends, plus I consider social TV watching more productive then being alone. Meh. Of course, this is called the imagination experiment because I want to push my creativity, thus the requirement to make stuff. Not everyone likes my rules, but that's okay, they're my rules. Feel free to participate & set your own guidelines and boundaries!

If you'd like to read past posts about The Imagination Experiment, please check out it's old home at All current updates with now be posted on this blog, with the imagination experiment tag.

Well, I'm running late, I gotta start shutting off all of my social networking feeds and subscriptions. Late late late!!!

PS - just alerted everyone on FaceBook and Twitter. Every year, right before I sign off for good, that awful horrible unsettled feeling sinks in. Big changes and bad habits suck. Good night!

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  1. Cool! You're still doing this! I hope it works out! Its hard for large-scale projects to work the first time so maybe 3rd times the charm? Good luck! I need to sort things out too... There hasn't been any magic in my life lately!