Monday, March 5, 2012

Imagination Experiment, day 5

Fortunately weekends keep me relatively busy, as well as a bus-load of homework. I did just spend some time diddling through my inbox, which was my passive attempt at internet fix. It wasn't all a lost, I did end up reading a motivating e-mail that I had saved from Satya Colombo that has helped me regain some clarity. I was trying to ignore the fact that I have an essay due tomorrow afternoon that I have not yet started, with two nights left to complete a presentation.

I dislike feeling "trapped" under school work and deadlines. It hangs heavy on my shoulders, creating a lot of stress, enabling my desires to procrastinate. "Avoid avoiding." My counselor told me last week I need to work on avoiding avoiding, rather tackle life head on. It's a constant affair to not avoid tasks. Over the weekend I read an article in Marie Claire at the doctor's office about changing habits. The one bit of advice that resonated with me the most was focusing on the positive aspects of the change (the reward). The logic is that we are locked into bad habits because of the pay out we get from it. Eating junk food or ignoring homework gives instant gratification. Instead, I should ask; Why do I want to eat healthier? So I can live longer and feel better doing it. Why do I want to do my homework> So I can learn new skills and learn to problem solve. Those are much better focuses then feeling trapped in dreading deadlines..... Must always look at things in a positive light!

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