Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 7 of the Imagination Experiment.

I've been cheating a little so I'm not going to write for long. The cheating came in the form of and urge to buy a sensitive skin face soap on Etsy. Briefly searched through a few and found something I liked, but couldn't purchase it.

Funny story about not being able to purchase it, I left my wallet at my boyfriend Denny's house on Sunday. Drove the hour and half journey back to my school, arriving in the parking lot with the tank just hitting E. Then a day later I realized my wallet wasn't with me, but on the floor of Denny's room. I've been kinda stranded, technically, in Glassboro, until I find a way to pay for fuel back home. I've been lucky so far for kind friends whom donated a few bucks, and I've scrounged up some change, and really really hoping that $12 is enough gas to travel 80 miles with. Or at least close enough so that someone can come pick me up if the tank dries up before I reach home, hahaha. What an adventure this will be! It's like that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer pushes a car past E to see how far the sucker could go. The two times I've been brave enough to drive for so long without filling up, I was incredibly lucky to have my car run out of gas close enough to the gas station for me to awkwardly glide down the highway and up to a pump. OHOHO! Don't try that at home kids!

I finally conquered a big Public Speaking presentation that had completely overwhelmed me, and received a decent grade too. I've recovered from my neglectful week and now moving forward into SPRING BREAK!!! I can't wait! Lots of friends, working with furry animals, pet sitting two really cool cats in a really cool house, and five interesting expressive drawing assignments to complete! And a monologue to memorize. It's almost here, SPRING BREAK, bring it on! I don't need no stinkin' internet!!

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