Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thank you Universe!

Thank you for having enough time to get a yummy smoothie for breakfast. Thank you for the invention of cell phones and text messages to keep in touch with my Muushi when we're 80 miles apart. Thank you for kiln shelves to clean, because secretly it's an upper body work out too ;) Thank you for the time to make one good drawing for class, which the professor liked. Thank you for Netflix & fascinating documentaries. Thank you for another step towards NCECA being accomplished. Thank you for the time to get lost in a type of drawing I might never try on my own. Thank you for sushi & rum&dr peppers with a school friend. Thank you for meeting new people outside. Thank you for the wonderful compliment about my hair. Thank you for nice warm showers and sweet smelling cotton candy sprays. Thank you for a warm place to sleep.

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