Monday, February 27, 2012

letting go and trusting....

"Write, write, write. Direct your thoughts. Choose better feeling thoughts. Focus on what you're grateful for, what you love, what you appreciate. Your mind is telling you that you should worry, but the source within is telling you everything is ok, it's all unfolding perfectly. Everything will work out. It always does. I promise."

The quote above is some advice Jessica Mullen was giving to a fellow SoLDier over at the School of Life Design. I've had a tough week due to some trouble with friends that has had me overly worried & put my anxiety into overdrive. I took a much needed long weekend off from life to fill up my cup with friends and laziness. It was delightful. However, I need to bounce back from a neglectful school week and get myself into the flow again. Thus, the reminder above to help keep me focused and on track.

(source: paintedclouds)

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