Monday, January 23, 2012

My apologies!

For the lull in posts lately... I kinda went on vacation mode during winter break; relaxing, working, spending time with friends & family & just resetting myself for the new year & new semester. I'm taking a lot of exciting classes, trying to meet more people & break down all of my fears & limiting ideas so I can live a great big awesome life.

& I dyed my hair! I'm so happy to be pink again :)


  1. Whoa! I've never seen your hair that long! It looks so cool! :)

  2. Thanks! It's probably the longest it's ever been :)

  3. Love your hair! Very colorful and daring! I found your blog by searching "profiles" and typing in "rabbits". I have a rabbit and a guinea pig that I love dearly. Most of my blog is about them. My blog can be found at