Thursday, January 26, 2012


I decided finally to deactivate my snooze button. I really hate the snooze button, it's an evil enabler that I abuse REALLY, REALLY badly (ever hit snooze every ten minutes for over 2 hours? Oh yeah!) The snooze button gives you a false sense of being well-rested because quite-frankly, you're better off with uninterrupted sleep. I'm the worst, and even if I wake bright eyed and bushy tailed, I love hitting the snooze, and ruin what otherwise would have been an easy waking up. Even though it offers to some bewildering dreams, my snooze button had to go. Would you believe there is not much of a market for alarm clocks without snooze? I had a hard time finding any.... so destroying my snooze button was the next best thing....

Death by nail polish. The button of snooze is now sealed with 2 coats of pretty pink nail polish.


  1. Very creative! I just saw someone who hot glued upside down pushpins to their snooze button. My snooze button & I are very close, always have been and I fear always will be :P

  2. Ugh I am the worst at abusing the hell out of my snooze button. I wish I could destroy the snooze on my phone which is what I use as an alarm clock.