Sunday, December 11, 2011

Goals for Winter Break!

Winter break for me starts December 17th and ends January 14th. That's 4-weeks of free time!


What will I do with myself!?

1) get eyes checked
2) visit the city
3) make art every day YEAH!!!
4) research art, rent books, camp out in a barns&noble
5) go on dates with my boyfriend!
6) art nights are back
7) earn money
8) clean my room
9) bunny-up room
10) clean up "studio"
11) a lot less computer & tv time
12) but i will finish doctor who season 6
13) bellydance?
14) go to OB's often
15) exercise
16) hot chocolate and cuddles
17) snowboarding
18) snowball fight
19) snow fort building
20) practice yoga daily

This list has my permission to grow or shrink as I see fit. I just want to do something purposeful with my break. Start new ideas, break old ones, expand my experiences!

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