Friday, December 9, 2011

Donate for an amazing art project!

Come Undone by Beth Cavener Stichter

“Come Undone” is an installation of work delving into my questions and challenges towards gender identity, and involves a directed collaboration with 3 artists in the creation of large scale mixed media elements."

Please click the link and watch the video on this project. Beth Cavener Stichter is an amazing ceramic sculpture artist who creates these amazing large scale animals. She inspires me with her ability to convey action in these figures so convincing you expect them to wiggle to life in front of you. The sheer massive scale in which she works at... astonishing. She breathes life into these characters by giving them human emotions to convey, like the time she built a timid rabbit onstage at NCECA, figuring he'd be stage-fright, LOL! Her work covers issues on emotion, sexuality and the internal struggles, which can touch a lot of people more than they would like to admit to. They are absolutely stunning, putting her on my list of artists who inspire me, I hope to one day get a chance to see her work in person.

Visit Beth Cavener Stichter's gallery to view images of her beautiful sculptures.

I just pledged a dollar, and I ask you to please do as well! Every little bit to help see this amazing project come to life. I'm really happy to get a chance to be apart of this, even if it's in a small way. Click here to donate!

Thanks guys!


  1. Wow. Her stuff really blows me away! Gorgeous!

  2. Isn't it amazing!? She's my inspiration to go large scale!