Monday, November 21, 2011

This Black Friday... Let's #OccupyHandmade

Most of us are recognizing, or at least becoming aware, to the problems in our country and the major corporations who runs it (yes corporations, not government). Over 30,000 people came out for Occupy Wall Street's Day of Action on November 17th. I think that sends a huge message to the rest of the nation (and world), that something is wrong and we don't want to take it anymore.

That said, let's talk about what we can do. Black Friday is coming up, which is the biggest shopping day ever in our nation. People DIE on this day over the "hype" and "deals" of consumerism, which is pretty freakin' unbelievable. It's tainted a season of winter holidays into a shallow skeleton about shopping. We feel pressured to give gifts, despite the hard economic times. What happened to charity, and spending time together?

If that gets you mad, consider this upcoming event, promoted by the Occupy movement (click on the image for more details).

If you still want to shop on big Black Friday, I ask this of you, Shop Small Business, Shop Local, Shop Independent, Shop HANDMADE.

Let's stop dumping all of our hard-earned money into huge corporations who sell us cheaply made, generic products that usually come off the backs of underpaid third world workers and continue to damage the environment with it's mass-scale production (buy organic and fair trade!). How much of that cheap junk is going to be thrown out in a year? Spend your money on gifts that will have meaning, craftsmanship, and helps boost our local economies.

Where to shop?


Etsy is a HUGE marketplace for all things handmade and vintage. Sign up for their e-mail gift guides and be sent tons of fascinating, origional gifts you won't find anywhere else!

Let's help change the world this holiday season. If you're not happy with how things are, you have a choice in participating or not.
Thank you to @Annais69 for coining the hash tag #OccupyHandmade! Please use it!


  1. Etsy changed my life! I've been buying handmade for well over a year and I feel really good about it. I like knowing that there are stories behind the things I purchase :) I even made a lot of friends along the way.

  2. great post, hope lots of people participate!

  3. I am heralding the day as a blessed non-event. The sheep even following the herd here in Costa Rica.