Saturday, November 26, 2011

There are no secret ingredients.

I turn 24 today!

Oh yay! It's kinda scary, I remember looking up at the age 24 from my teens and thinking about what a big important number that is. It means being an adult, and doing awesome young adult things.

In some fun news, I was 1lb away from my goal weight for my birthday! I'm so excited, even though I was a pound off I did it, I can't believe I got so close! It's empowering on a few levels. It means I was able to fix something in my life that was making me unhappy. There is no fun in being able to barely squeeze into your regular clothes (jeans were a fairy tale). A sparkle of confidence has returned. While this weekend is surely compromising all that hard work (Thanksgiving and my birthday), I do not feel defeated, I'm allowing myself these victory feasts, and will triumphantly move forward through December.

It's also a nice reminder that when I decided to stick to something, usually in the form of a personal challenge, I'm pretty good at sticking to it. Such as growing my short hair really long over the 2 years, or participating in no internet and TV every March.

It's nice to be reminded that I have to power to choose. It seems that little ounce of secret ingredient they forget to include in every single self-help article is that at the end of the day, there are no tricks, products or books that can replace this one potent, vitally important thing... You have a choice. Every second of every moment, you have a choice.

This is what I plan to focus on as a new 24-year-old. To be in the moment, be mindful and absorb it all in, and to own my choices. This is what I've learned, there is no secret ingredient.


  1. Love this post and it is so true! I recently quit smoking and when all was said and done, it all came down to not over-thinking it. I decided to try to quit and to not let quitting take over my entire life. There was, as you said, no secret ingredient that made it happen. I had the choice every moment of every day and quitting was just a serious of choosing "no" then moving on with my life in other ways. To continuously look for some magic way to alleviate the cravings and make things easier would have been to fail.

  2. Eeee! Happy belated birthday! For some reason I thought you were a summer baby. hehehe! Also congrats on your goal! Actually, its not so much the goal, but the journey to get there :D