Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Bunday.... South Jersey Bunny Spay/Nueter Clinic this Saturday!

To quote Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue's recent FaceBook post:

"Last Minute Space Opens Up: We're already booked to spay and neuter over 30 bunnies this Saturday, and dozens of people will be bringing their bunnies to the shelter for their fall photos and FREE spa services! Please come out and support the shelter - our fully stocked bunny supply store will be open - food, hay and litter all available at AWESOME prices.... for a last minute spot in our spay/neuter clinic, please email us ASAP at

Visit their FaceBook event page or official webpage for more info! $65 spay/neuters are a steal! If your rabbit isn't fixed, you may want to consider this. Besides helping reduce unwanted pregnancies (which contributes to rabbit overpopulation); fixing your bun helps reduce bad behaviors related to hormones, as well as decreases or eliminates the risk of reproductive cancers. I think it cost me over $250 to get Bean fixed, and that's only if I'm not low-balling the price in my head (I forget, Bean's had 2 surgeries).

Can't make it this weekend? No worries! Check out the New Jersey House Rabbit Society's Spay/Neuter Program for more options. They sell low-cost spay/neuter certificates which various (but not all) vets across NJ will accept. The rabbit rescue I volunteered with used this option to be able to afford fixing our rabbits.

Want to know more before getting your rabbit fixed? Visit the House Rabbit Society's page on Spaying and Neutering and How To Find A Good Rabbit Vet.

I wish I had photos on hand from Bean's spay day. She had the cutest little incision on her shaved fire belly. Perhaps I'm the only one who finds it cute since I worked in a vet clinic? Maybe. Although I must mention Bean did not get her surgery at the clinic I worked at, so I did not get to watch (which... not everyone wants to, heh). Haha, actually, I found this, an old forum post from the day Bean got spayed (LOL, even there I mention the cute spay incision).

Happy Bunday folks! Spay and Neuter!

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