Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Spirit - Gathering Momentum

Worksheet designed by Jessica Mullen
List 10 things you’re grateful for. Feeling gratitude brings more things to feel grateful about.
1) The security I feel at home with my family.
2) I am greatful for my health, the healthy of my family and friends, and the surgeries that will free my mother of pain and give her mobility again.
3) Knowing that right now, I have somewhere to go, where I will be surrounded by friends who make me feel loved, and let me love myself.
4) Even though things are rough, knowing that for right now, my family is okay.
5) I am smart, knowledgeable, and a never ending sponge for knowledge.
6) My room-mates are respectful of eat other.
7) I have a warm place to sleep. Three warm places actually.
8) The opportunity for an education that will help me pursue my passions.
9) My creativity.
10) Having a moment to sit and relax.

Complete the sentence “wouldn’t it be nice if” with something that would be really cool if would happen! It doesn’t have to be realistic, just fun to ponder.
It would be to go to where my friends are. Right now they are dressed up, gorging on candy and booze, and celebrating the best holiday of the year, Halloween. I know that when I go there, I will be surrounded with love and friendship.

Complete the sentence “today I intend to”. Find the most important things you really want to accomplish today.
Today, I intend to find some time for my friends, and then head home to give myself rest. School is important and I need to respect my body.

List 5 things you love. When you think about what you love, you attract more things to love into your life.
1) Denny
2) My friends
3) My family
4) My pets
5) Me

List 3 things you’re excited about. Looking for things to be excited about brings more excitement!
1) My mom to be able to walk again
2) Eating more pumpkin food
3) Another chance to be creative

Quiet your mind and ask your higher self for advice. What would the negative-thought-free version of you say?
Go. Have fun. You will be okay.

Picture yourself being interviewed for a major success. What question would you want to be asked about it? This will help you create a pathway towards your goal.
What was it like to create a popukar blog that intrigues and inspires?

List thoughts you would like to make truth today. Practice thinking and believing them throughout your day.
That I am loved. That I am smart. That I am beautiful. That I am exactly where I need to be, and everything will be okay.

List 4 things that inspire you today. Looking for inspiration will bring more inspiration!
1) Playful wake-up
2) Getting to spend unexpected time with your aunt and uncle
3) Conversations with mentors
4) Halloween

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