Saturday, October 1, 2011

First time around with synthetic dreads

WELL! To share a little secret first, I've always admired dreadlocks from afar and secretly wished I could at least have one or two even if I was too scared to have a whole head of them.

An unexpected secret hair mission went underway today...

First I read a lovely post over at Little Chief Honeybee on one of her sponsors, Saturated Canary. And oh what beautiful hair Miss Krista of Saturated Canary has had!

I fell in love immediately, which lead to researching how to make and install synthetic dreas on the Tube of You.

She's a super cutie too!

After the inspiration and research, I found myself motivated enough to set a mission to make my own synthetic dreads! I found a Sally's Beauty Supply, which redirected me to Sunshine Beauty Supply, a store loaded with hair extensions and wigs off all sorts! I picked up a bag of royal blue (they had no pink or light blue :(), and brought it back to the apartment. There's definitely a small learning curve with synthetic dreads, I feel, in order to get them super tight and beautiful looking. But that's okay, after a few rounds it'll get easier at all the steps, including braiding.

Behold, my three blue dreads!

I plan to install and make more (technically I made 5), but they're gonna have to wait for another night. I'm hoping to add and change these over time, an a continuous evolving art project on my head :D


  1. I loved that post over at LCH! I started looking into dreads right after reading that. I've always liked the look of dreads, but I never wanted to grow my own. I love that they can be temporary.

    Great dreads, btw! I hear you on the art project! When I was in art school, I used to dye sections of my hair purple. I miss the good old days!

  2. Thank you Allison!

    I love that they're temporary too! I love most that I can change things up, add, rearrange! I used to dye my hair all sorts of colors on a regular basis, but ever since choosing to grow my bleached hair out I've been tying to keep things to a minimum (bangs). This is a fun way to mix things up, and making them means you're not spending lot's of money to do it either. :D