Monday, October 3, 2011

Bringing Back Bundays!

There was a Bunday feature on this blog!? *looks at tag* OH YEAH!

I'm feeling nostalgic for my bunny, Miss Bean. I got to spend some time with her when I went home last weekend, I cleaned out her cage and the budgies cage and tidied up my room and her play space a bit. It was a nice moment to take in because I take Bean's company for granted, and want to do better by her. Ironically enough, I'm suffering from an upper respiratory infection of sorts ever since cleaning day.... damn you bunny allergies!!!

If you want, you can add Bean on BunSpace if you have an account! (yes there's social networking for rabbits too!)

And to finish off Bunday, I leave with you with a video of rabbits in action. If you thought rabbits were boring pets, you're doing it wrong!


  1. Moar Bean! :D
    Also I like your new rustic blog layout :)

  2. Thanks. Saw something similar on another website and felt inspired