Thursday, October 27, 2011

Braaaiiins! Trestagon and the NJ Zombie Walk Undead Festival

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Last weekend was a blast! Hoards of zombies showed up to the NJ Zombie Walk & Undead Festival. Trestagon had a great time premiering our zombie heads. They're super neat, bouncy and super creepy. I'm gonna leave you guys with a photo dump from the weekend (my apologies if you've already seen these on Trestagon's FB page). Happy Halloween!

a butterfly that rardy saved from the ocean who dried off hanging out on my head

johnny bentonamo being quizzed during the zombie beauty pageant

undead festival friday night

awesome faceless

zombie bunny fetus in a jar

our display booth. i really love what work the boys did on the table cloth and sign.

hung the zombie head stock from the booth like cotton candy in bags

thriller dance

someone took a photo of me while i was trying to download a paypal app for processing credit card sales (didn't find any i could use :/)

rardy acted as our field agent, engaging a lot of zombies during the walk to kick and play with our head

kids love killing zombies

promo photos for the etsy page

rardy made a collection of watercolor zombie valentines

i like the artwork found around asbury park

the boys with my car just before we went home

last minute Trestagon family photo

the brother luis head really got the tar kicked out of him

If you wish to purchase one of our zombie heads, check out Trestagon's Etsy Page! I hope to have a "Making of the Zombie Heads" post soon.

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