Friday, September 30, 2011

You guys are SO overdue for one of these... Favorite Fridays!

Yay! favorite fridays!

I so need better name for this. ANYWHOODLES!

The Sketchbook Project World Tour is a really cool idea! For $25 you get sent a moleskin sketchbook, which you have to fill by a deadline, sent it back, and then it takes a tour across the nation (or in this case, across the world), where hundreds of people can view your sketches and ideas! At the end of the tour, all the books reside permanently in the Brooklyn Art Museum, where people can visit and continue to take out your sketchbooks for viewing! I get notifications via text when someone views my book, and I received on today, how exciting! I would love to participate this year, but I don't have to expendable income, but I encourage anyone who can afford to, sign up! It's a great way to share your art with the rest of the world. And people have come up with some super clever ideas.

Light Up Moon Clock on

I love this clock, and my room mate agreed, this is a really cool addition to any bedroom. You could have a killer starry night sky scene when you pair this clock up with those clow in the dark star stickers, hehe!

Rainbow Cake in a Jar!? How amazing is this idea! I love this! I'm all for giving baked goods as gifts for birthdays, and this really brings cake giving to a personal level. This is a great way to guarantee that your cake will be gift-able and in decent condition by the time you deliver it to the receiver. This may just trump my love for cupcakes.... *GASP*

Kate MacDowell: bloodless bodies, is an interview with one of my favorite ceramic artists. Her technical skills are amazing... I remember discussing one of her pieces with a ceramics professor at my old school and he bet me that it was an auto-CAD created piece, but NOPE! All hand built, and visually and contextually stunning. Porcelain is hard clay to deal with.

I’m a designer. Use me better. An incredibly clever story of how designers are suppose to deal with the responsibility of creating products that work without the environmental impacts. End on a positive note that creative, design minds should be utilized more to help fix some of today's major issues.
"I want design to be a management tool. I want designers to get paid (more) for brilliant thinking."

Fellow Trestagonite, Johnny Bentonamo's Stalker Song. Is it bad that I like to sing along?

That's all for today folks! have a fantastic weekend!!!

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