Tuesday, September 13, 2011

vision boards, skateboarding and figure drawing

Worked on a vision board over the weekend. I wanted to make something I could look at to help me stay focused while I'm at school. Maybe the next time I'm getting frustrated with homework, a glance at work of my artistic role models will help move me forward.

Trying something new, again. I tried taking up skateboarding a few years ago when I first started dating Denny as a way to fill in my love for snowboarding during the warmer months. However, it wasn't as easy as I'd hoped and I eventually stuck my skateboard in a dark corner somewhere. BUT! It's a skateboarder's heaven around here, I've seen so many longboards and skateboards so I asked Denny to bring mine down. Although I stumble a lot, it's a fun and quick way to get around campus. Plus, I gotta look silly and practice if I want to be halfway decent.

Thirty minute figuring drawing from this morning's class.


  1. "Its not about how you look. Its about how you see" I never heard that one before! I love it!

    I dig the orange chucks! To me, you'll always be Naruto heheheheh

    Gah!!! Long boards! Its kind of my dream to do that if I can't go surfing [yet]. I don't want to break my bones though! Looks like a lot of fun! I'm glad school is treating you well and keeping you busy. I knew you could do it!!! I'm really fascinated to see your journey unfold. I believe it will be a good one!

    Candy and unicorns,


  2. It resonated with one of the key points my figure drawing teacher wants us to learn, which is "how to see." plus being thrown into a brand new land with lot's of strangers, i've been questioning everything including how i look lately, although i'm trying not to.

    i miss my blue hidden leaf village chucks, haha!

    I must say, long boarding, in terms of travel, is really super easy. Much easier than skateboarding, imo, and I'd rather have a long board. Alas, I don't, so I must learn the balance of a skateboard, which isn't too bad, and maybe after some time, i can do a trick or 2 :D

    Thanks, I'm super curious to see whats it store as well :-o

  3. The Vision Board. I have mine facing away from me. I have to turn my vision board back around and get with the program. :)