Friday, September 30, 2011

KMART rips off AppleNoggin's Candy Rib Cage Tee

It happened again.... another one of my favorite independent artists had a design ripped off by a big corporation....

AppleNoggin was an Etsy business that I adored, the cutest hand-printed tee-shirts and other delicious crafted goodies. I can count at least two AP shirts I have in my wardrobe (not counting the jewelry and accessories), with one tee that gets LOTS of attention every time I wear it....

cute, right? This was me wearing it at AnimeNEXT 2010

Well, now you can buy a RIP-OFF version of this tee-shirt at K-MART.

it's rather ugly, isn't it?

I am bewildered why time after time, stores like this ripping off hard working, talented artists. Just goes to prove how important it is to copyright your work.... but it's so expensive. Just like Hot Topic, K-mart is officially losing all of my business.

AppleNoggin closed so she could spend more time with her first born child. Have no fear, the original Candy Rib Cage tee still exist over at


  1. I am going to be passing this along.

  2. Thanks! If enough people are in an uproar over this, Kmart may pull the product. While it's not complete justice, it's better than them making a profit off of someone else's original idea.

  3. hadn't seen such a colorful Rib Cage T-Shirt like this was planning to buy through "" But is there any other website to look into ?

    1. Unfortunately, I do believe AppleNoggin's candy ribcage tee is out of print.