Monday, September 12, 2011

Adventures in Glassboro

Denny came to visit me on Saturday, which was really nice. At first I was sad, and just wanted to lay with him and do nothing, but after we finally motivated, it turned out to be a really good day!

There's a ton of places to eat around here, especially Asian food, so Denny and I stopped at a Japanese/Chinese Restaurant with sushi bar. It was a cute little place with pink table clothes and a beautifully decorated sushi bar. The menu was silly though, it felt over saturated with too many choices.... we went for Chinese/Japanese, and there were also Thai and Vietnamese! Either way I ordered my favorite sushi roll, the (green) dragon roll. And what a beauty they presented me with!

It was delicious too!

After lunch we checked out a thrift store. This place was HUGE! Granted, the clothing department was super small, there was loads of other things from swords (no swords for you Denny!), to furniture and electronics to a great kitsch knickknacks section. That's where I found these adorable cuties.

A cute little owl figurine (go Rowan!), a jumping rabbit salt shaker, and 2 elegant and adorable plastic deer with the most endearing faces.

The deer really make me smile, I told Denny one is him an the other is me <3 We returned to my apartment, I got changed into street clothes, we grabbed our skateboards and hit the sidewalks on campus. I gave Denny a tour, we stopped at the food court and grabbed a snack, and went all the way across campus to the book store. There we explored more, and I decided in buying a better pair of ear buds. The pair I'm using now are very low quality = low volume, which makes politely listening to things while you share a room with someone difficult, especially when your headphones are competing with the constant roar of cooling towers outside your window *le sigh*.

On our way back Denny tried to show me how to skate off curbs, which I gave up on because I was afraid I'd crack my head open. We hung out in the apartment for a little while longer, and then he had to leave to pet sit for our friends' rabbit. I promptly fell asleep after he left and didn't wake up again for 15 hours. Phew! It was a super good day, I wish it didn't have to end.

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