Friday, August 5, 2011

a quickie before work...

Today I intend to:
Work my butt off for the next 4 hours to catch up on my hours this week. It was really nice of my co-worker to switch with me, I got to spend a fantastic night with my boyfriends on Tuesday, and she was able to skip out of work early today to take care of something. Since my day started late, all I really can do today is have a good day at work, and then head over to Anime Night with my friends to hang out and watch some good Japanese animation. Boy I'm hoping for more Samurai Champloo!

Wouldn't it be nice if:
It would be great if things went smoothly at work, that I get to be helpful to the doctors, make some client smile, and help a patient or two handle the stressful moments of being at a veterinary clinic. It would be great to come home, feeling good, and then spending the night with great people. That would be fantastic.

Today I will focus on:
Being helpful. No complaining.

For fun:
Think you know New Jersey? I made my first treasury! An adventure across New Jersey through the eyes of NJ etsy artists!

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