Sunday, August 28, 2011

photos of post-Irene

My town borders Bound Brook, which is notorious for bad flooding due to lying right along the Raritan River. The veterinary clinic I work for is on the border of Bound Brook, with a large creek next to it. The place rarely floods unless it's a huge storm, such as Floyd or the Nor'easter we had a few years ago. Unfortunately everything went under this time around too. No worries though, no animals were in the building!

As I walked to the corner of the intersection where my job lies, I realized a downed tree was blocking my view of the clinic. We'll call this vantage Point A.

Ah there it is... with water all the way up to the door. Click here to see what the place normally looks like when not underwater. The water stopped at the intersection so I walked across the street to get a better view. This is Point B.

A close-up shot shows more clearly how high the water is and the tree that fell down next to it.

Point A, is that grassy spot beyond the large orange cones. Pay attention to how high the water is on those cones.

Point C is allllll the way on the other side of the water. You can kinda see people and cars on the other side. The telephone poles kinda help you see where the road goes.

The view from Point C. This photo was taken by my friend on the other side of the flooded creek, in Bound Brook. You can't see the clinic from her view, but you can see the other side of the road where I was standing. Point B is the tiny gray house I stood in front of to take photos.

About an hour or so I came back to check on things and the water had been going up. See how far the water went up on those orange cones?

Here's some video I took (with narration by me :D) of the whole area, to give you an idea of how severe and widespread the flooding in this area is (as it's growing)!

To see continued photo documentation of this area as the water rises and falls, check out photos of post-Irene part 2.

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