Friday, July 22, 2011

Favorite Fridays: Last Minute Mash Up

Cute Japanese Pop music video? Sure why not!

More Than Bread I can't embedded this one, but is definitely worth checking out. It's a clever break dance video that takes place in the classroom, where to boys start battling it out over a sandwich. Very entertaining, and some of the shots are reminiscent of a good anime fight scene (or Scott Pilgrim)..... Okay, check out Big Trouble in Little Bistro too, it's also really good.

This is just plain silly, hahahaa.

Kind Over Matter - Spin Your Story: Truly Alive How liberating would it be if we could just let go of this trying to be good? If, despite the perceived obstacles in our way, we just did it anyway? If the only indication of whether or not something was good was how it makes us feel? Instead of asking, is it good? We could ask:

Is it kind? Does it make me feel Alive, excited, invigorated, nurtured, loved, inspired, FREE, like more of my beautiful Self?

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