Friday, July 15, 2011

Favorite Fridays: Puppets and Pink!

Doctor Cat MD A comic about a cat who is also a doctor! I love Doctor Cat, a cute and funny comic about the mishaps of a cat who is also a doctor!

Mastodon's "Deathbound" Music Video for Adult Swim. My good friend Johnny Bentomano is introducing me to metal, one of his favorites being Mastodon. The reason I post this video is because it's Mr. Rogers gone wrong, as the land of imagination meets it's fiery apocalypse. (Warning: monster, mayhem and puppet violence) Also funny, my favorite is the yellow monster.

Driftwood Mirror by I love beachy things, I would love to make this mirror myself however.

Muppet Dr Who by ~mimi-na on deviantART

Pink Puff Cupcake Top

So cute. Enough said! <3 center="""">

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