Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trying new things.... Figs

Life is too short to NOT explore the unknown, the uncertain, on a daily basis. As a new feature to my blog, I am going to start documenting all the new things I try, whether it's listening to a new song, trying a new food, or exploring a new location, you guys will be in for the ride!

Today I present!

They look like slugs....
They kinda look like dried, packaged slugs.... my Dad's friend gave them to him and said they were good, even my Dad likes them. I always see them in the market, but have never had an interest in buying a package to try them.

Trying dired figgs
They taste sweet, almost akin to raisins. However, instead of coming in tiny bite-sized bits like rainsins, with dried figs you have to deal with the whole darn fruit, and for me, chewing through the texture is gross.

So, at this time, dried figs are not for me. Perhaps they're better fresh and I'll get to try them like that sometime. Atleast I'll always get to enjoy fig in a deliscious Fig Newton. Om nom nom!


  1. haha! I'm not a fan of dried figs either, they smell gross. You should totally try fresh figs! They are good raw or roasted. They have a chestnut-y flavor :) The only thing is that their shelf life isn't very long so when you buy them you have to eat them within a day or two.