Saturday, June 4, 2011

Big updates coming soon!

I have so much to share with you guys from the Steampunk World's Fair that I have felt overwhelmed and have avoided finishing the project. However, I get to relive the wonderful weekend every time I work on those posts, I should have them out to you guys in no time! It was such a wonderful, magical experience that I never want to forget.

In good news, I have been super super busy. Whether it's work, school or play, I always seem to have something going on. It's a delight for myself because I tend to get depressed with too much free time, as I don't know how to manage it effectively. You really learn how to trim that fat, although there are some personal areas of my life I've neglecting (my bedroom has been a messy disaster for about 6 months straight, YIKES!) Hopefully I'll be able to find control somewhere, but in the mean-time I've been enjoying the ride.

Things I'm Grateful For:
1) may not be forever, but current job security
2) sweet moments like Mr. Muushi falling asleep in my lap during Anime night
3) friends, oh glorious, insane, wonderful friends
4) knowing my department bands together to defend it's own
5) resilient spirits
6) authenticity

Tomorrow I hope:
1) bad news isn't the topic of the day
2) i'm productive with my free time

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