Sunday, May 8, 2011

getting ready for the next con

UPDATED: fixed broken links!

My super busy 3 weeks are coming to a close. My co-worker is mostly recovered and returning to work, I'm done with my spring semester ceramics class, and pet-sitting is wrapping up for the time being (until the end of the month). I'm looking foreward to focusing on my art again (whatever that may be at this time) and getting ready for the Steampunk Worlds Fair. SPWF is a most excellent time, and I'm really looking foreward to it. Here are some clips of last year:

i was a pirate for the weekend

there were fancy top hats

Voltaire hates magic....

magicians and whip artists

time machines

stationary marching bands....

(yes, i'm pikachu dancing in the background hahaha)

It's a damn good time, even if you're not really into steampunk. Think of it like a neo-Victorian's version of a Renn Faire.

Steampunk World's Fair
May 20th-22nd 2011
Crown Plaza Hotel
Somerset, NJ
Advanced tickets: $50 3-day pass (til May 11th)
At door tickets: $60 3-day pass
$30 Friday only
$35 Saturday only
$25 Sunday only

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