Monday, April 4, 2011

Trestagon and the Alternative Living Expo

One morning, after a late night of art, brownies, and Invader Zim DVDs, three aspiring artists decided to work together to create an art studio and community that would be self-sustaining. It would be held at our friend's house, nicknamed, "Trestagon" (tree house station wagon). We would gather fellow artists, invite them to hang out and create on "art nights," and work together to find opportunities to show and sell our art. Before we knew it, we would be selling work at the Alternative Living Expo

The Alternative Living Expo was devised by Jeff Mach, a man in our tri-state area known for throwing events and conventions that call to, as it has been affectionately put, "freaks and geeks." The ALE catered to those who wanted to incoperate more of their geekisms into their daily lives, either through clothing, home decor and furniture, even themed weddings. If you loved anything from goth, renaissance, steampunk, eco-friendly, and beyond, the Alternative Living Expo was for you.

Young Trestagon fell into an opportunity to sell art at the expo, thanks to the fantastic Alisandra, hoping our weird variety of art and artists would fit into the "home decor" department of the ALE. John and Jay manned the table Saturday, and on Sunday it was John, Rick and myself. While we didn't sell anything, we had a fantastic time, and met a ton of amazing people.

the Trestagon logo, painted on a piece of cardboard the night before

since this was our first event as Trestagon, we weren't prepared for the generous vending spaces at the expo. so we got creative and added a doodle station!

there was a mix of John's collages, my ceramic work, and Rick's drawings and paintings.

this is my new character, Indulgence Panda! here it seems Indulgence Panda is experiencing the bizarre effects of magic bamboo. it took about 6 hours from start to completion, 18"x24" in Bic markers.

the doodle station was a spot for expo attendees to sit down and draw if they felt the inspiration to do so.

we invited pass byers to stomp on our zombie for us. can't have zombies just running around expos you see!

we had a fantastic time at the Alternative Living Expo and hope to have the opportunity to return next year!

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