Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I don't think I can go to sleep until I write this, even though my eyes are tired.

I have a really fantastic, wonderful boyfriend. And at this moment my heart bursts and overflows with this grateful feeling. I am ever so lucky to have Dennis in my life. In a recent conversation, Dennis had pretty much granted me eternal freedom. That is LOVE. The love to say, I will set you free, even if you never come back. My biggest irk about relationships is this cage that couples impose on each other. "You can't do this," and "you can't do that," either based on jealously or societal structures that create these bars. Don't get me wrong, there are boundaries in our relationship that have been clearly defined, ones we have communicated and both understand not to be crossed. However, to know someone loves and supports you always and constantly, no matter who you are or who you will become, is the greatest comfort in the world.

I'll sing it to the clouds, ties letters to pigeons and set them free, "Denny, I love you!"

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