Monday, April 18, 2011

good morning world, #2

well it's past noon once again, as you can see.... but hey, it's good morning to me!

Today I intend to:
1) eat healthy, even if i don't find time for exercise
2) bake purple cupcakes for tomorrow's fundraiser
3) finish 95% of wet clay related projects for class
4) spend some time at the bar with friends & watch crappy WWE (my new guilty pleasure aha!)

Wouldn't it be nice if:
Today was a fantastic day? If today, all of my friends and family have a great day, with lots of good stories to share? Denny gets a chance to move the rest of his furniture into his new home. I finish ALL of my wet clay projects with the lifting feeling of accomplishment, knowing I have 2 weeks left to glaze? If today, Hardy's surgery goes so great that he heals super fast and barely notices his injury ever again? Wouldn't it be nice to catch up with my favorite professors and students at my school? Wouldn't it be nice if today was the best day ever!?

Today I will focus on:
Eating healthy. Being a light yet productive spirit.

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