Friday, April 8, 2011

Favorite Fridays

I'm going to try saving my favorite finds of the week and neatly package them into a bundle of good times for your Friday unwind. Enjoy!

artists are leading the revolution: exclusive interview with alexis neely
<3 br="">50 Things Every Girl Needs This Summer: An Essential (& Glamorous) Prescription!
Gala has everything you need to be prepared for this summer. My favorites are #44 (everyone needs a good playlist to rock out to), #23 because I never thought of super cute ankle socks with mary janes (must get!!!), #17 because I love hats, #16 is just too romantic and I want to do this OFTEN this summer.... #12, #10.... man this list just get's better and better!
<3 br="">
Did I eve mention I'm a huge Doctor Who fan? I'm more than excited for the new season, which starts April 23rd. What's extra special about this year is that BBC America will be airing new episodes along side the premiers in England! Sweet stuff, no more wait or digging around for it on the internet!
<3 br="">Dr. Sketchy's Tribute to Doctor Who
In honor of Doctor Who, Dr. Sketchy's having a figure drawing session where you can draw the Doctor and Amy Pond look-alikes! I wonder how close they look to the real deal ;)
<3 br="">
whimsical photographs by rene Suchocki
Really adorable photos. I'm sure looking at my own blog heading you can imagine why I'd be drawn to photographs such as these.
<3 br="">
fantastic Robo-Rabbit tee
more-so funny because it fits a current running joke ammongst friends about rabbits, robots and mustaches.
<3 br="">
rubber ducky love
too cute, I love Katie Sokoler's blog.
<3 br="">

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