Friday, April 22, 2011

an artsy update

I've been suuuuuuper busy this week! One of my co-workers had (planned) surgery and will be out for the next 2 weeks, so I've picked up her hours. I'm glad to say she is doing well and feeling better each day. It's also the end of the spring semester, and in ceramics, that means racing deadlines due to the limitations of the medium... this is the last week to work in wet clay.

so, crunch week in pictures....

manhole cover platter

my bug guy waits on my messy shelf to be glazed

i get the expression eggs to stand

expression eggs get details

my friend's bathroom sink the next morning after a night of mold making

2 days of rushed drying later i fill my first mold at the kitchen table

tada! cupcake! it takes about an hour to pour, let sit, and pop out each one

It's been crazy, but the week is almost over, and I will have all 4 projects completed. Next week, GLAZING!

I won't give up
Kicking and screaming, I will fight like hell!


  1. Your work is incredible, thank you for sharing! i would loooove to read more about your process.

  2. The expression eggs are my favorite!! You have such amazing talent Sarah!!