Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hello Sunshine :)

Sorry for the gap in posts, I dived head first into the Imagination Experiment this month, and haven't really looked back.

I have been having a fantastic time. One of my mini-goals for this month is to spend more time outdoors. I love being outside, it's very soothing for a busy brain, and it guarantees some form of exercise, whether I'm walking the dog, hiking, or riding my bike. I can't wait until it is consistently warm enough to rely on my bike as a mode of transportation again.

My friends and I have started an art group called Trestagon (tree house station wagon), and we had our very first event this past weekend. Getting ready for that in the last few weeks felt really productive, and we all had a blast this weekend. I will make a separate post on the event soon, as I have a few things I need to write about individually.

So, just a quick update because I realized I had left my readers without an indication of where I went, I will be back in April as per the rules of my experiment. Have a fantastic month!

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