Tuesday, February 15, 2011

creating momentum

Based off of Jessica Mullen's new "gathering momentum" worksheet, found here.

10 things i'm greatful for
1) my boyfriend
2) chinese food and rental movie dates
3) lube
4) my walking buddy, oliver
5) friends
6) con-vacation coming up
7) having a job
8) my dad's box of chocolates
9) my brother's cheesy card
10) finnegan

Wouldn't it be nice if i found my wig today at a really cheap price? Wouldn't it be nice is Oliver's grooming appointment ends early? Wouldn't it be nice if he gets a new bandana? Wouldn't it be nice if I have plans tonight? Wouldn't it be nice if I memorized some of my script?

Today I intend to buy my wig for Lil Bo Peep. Today I intend to practice some of my script. Today I intend to do a good job at work. Today I intend to be productive. Today I intend to pick up around my room. Today I intend to have an awesome day. Today I intend to spend it with friends.

5 Things I love
1) Dennis
2) my family
3) my pets
4) my friends
5) conventions

3 Things I'm excited about
2) dressing up!
3) getting trashed
4) seeing all my friends at wicked faire!

Advice from my higher self
Have fun today, embrace it. Call Little Bull and Bentonite with confidence that plans will happen today. Don't worry about what happened yesterday. Go to work with positive intentions of the conversations that will be had. Call friends tonight to have a fun evening. Have fun and don't worry!

Today, I will get all of my pet-related responsibilities done early in the day, everyone will be fed, watered & cages cleaned before noon. I will study for my Murder Mystery, and find my blonde Little Bo Peep wig. I will have a productive and positive work experience. I will make plans tonight that will be fun and uplifting.

- Clair is just me minus the negative thoughts - Jessica Mullen

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