Thursday, February 24, 2011

clay day

I am grateful for new experiences. I am greatful to hear from friends every day. I am greatful for naps with my boyfriend. I am greatful for conventions where you can be yourself. I am greatful for the pikachu suit, it's reputation, and the fun it provides. I am greatful for art nights, where I can actually focus on being creative rather than procrastinating. I am greatful for extra hours at my job, and very sweet cats and dogs. I am greatful for my father not kicking me out of the house when I showed him my tattoo. I am greatful for friends who genuinely care for me.

Wouldn't it be nice if I took Oliver for a walk today? Wouldn't it be nice if I cleaned my art room enough to fit a pottery wheel in there? Wouldn't it be nice if I actually went to school today to practice throwing? Wouldn't it be nice if there's another art night tonight? Wouldn't it be nice if I hosted the art night so I could play with my new wheel? Wouldn't it be nice if my craft room turned into a real ceramics studio? Wouldn't it be nice if I made more work for the Alt Living Expo? Wouldn't it be nice if I fed my pets and got dressed so my day could start?

Today, I intend to get some work done. Today, I intend to pick up my wheel and set up my studio. Today, I intend to say hello to someone I haven't seen in almost 3 months. Today, I intend to throw clay. Today, I will make a platter. Today, I will have a good day.

I love sleeping in my bed. It's so warm. I love waking up in my bedroom, in it's cool calming blues. I love waking up and finding Oliver in my bed, and getting to pet him first thing in the morning. I love that my parents are letting me get a pottery wheel.

I am excited about the potential for hanging out with friends, being creative, and officially having a studio.

Advice from me to me: Today will be a good day, obstacles can be worked around. Enjoy the crreative energies, don't let go of them today. Don't let adversion tie you up today, it's too beautiful of a day. Life starts today, yesterday is whatever, tomorrow is tomorrow. Have fun and step lightly.

new life experiences: tattooing someone


  1. Oh wow, you throw clay?? I've always wanted to try. I'd LOVE to see pix if you get a chance!

  2. That is freaking awesome that you are gettin a wheel!

  3. Had my first round with the wheel last night! She's old, and likes to hum, but I can see getting lot's of good use out of her for a long time :)